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The Bennies - Breakfast

Veggie Benedict


Side:Crispy Hash Browns Crispy Home Potatoes French Fries Fruit Hash browns Home Potatoes Refried Beans No Side Sheridan's Potatoes +$4.45Sweet Potato Fries Side Strawberries Side Grilled Vegg Side Slice Tomatoes Side Salad Side Caesar
Egg Mod:UP Over Easy Over Medium Over Hard Poached Medium Poached Hard Scrambled
Breakfast Mods:Avocado +$1Beans +$1Bell Pepper Butter Cheese Chocolate Gravy +$2Egg Whites Grilled onions +$0.50Hollandaise Sauce +$0.50Jalapeños +$0.50Maple Syrup Mushrooms +$0.50Olives +$0.50Onions +$0.50Pico De Gallo +$0.25Pineapple Poblano Pepper +$0.50Powder Sugar +$0.25Salsa +$0.25Sausage Gravy +$2Seasonal Berries +$2Sliced Tomatoes +$1Sour Cream +$0.25Spanish Sauce +$1Spinach +$0.50Tomatoes Tortillas +$1Zucchini +$0.50
Meats:Bacon Chicken Chicken Apple sausage Crab Italian Sausage Linguisa Salmon Sausage Patty Shrimp Steak Turkey Ham Ground Beef Corned Beef Carnitas
Priced Add Ons:1/4 Avocado +$2Bacon (2) +$2Beyond Patty +$7Burger Patty (8oz) +$6Carnitas +$4Chicken Apple Sausage (1) +$2Chicken Breast (8oz) +$6Ham +$2Crab (4oz) +$10extra Egg (1) +$1.50Salmon +$10Sausage Patty (1) +$2Shrimp (4) +$6Ground Beef +$2Linguisa +$2Chorizo +$2Italian Sausage +$2Chopped Bacon +$2Fresh Crab +$15
Extras:Spinach +$0.50Onions +$0.50Tomatoes +$0.50Bell Peppers +$0.50Zucchini +$0.50Mushrooms +$0.50Poblano Pepper +$0.50Jalapeños +$0.50
Veggie mod:Zucchini Mushrooms Onions Spinach Tomato Poblano Pepper Hollandaise Sauce English Muffin Poached Egg