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Sandwiches - Lunch

The Frenchie Sandwich


Sides:Fruit Potato Salad Sweet Potato Fries Sub Side House Salad Sub Side Caesar Salad No Side Fries Lobster Bisque Cup +$4Garlic Fries Clam Chowder Cup +$4
Lunch Mods:Side Ranch Dress +$0.25Aioli +$0.25Crispy Fries Crispy Sweet Potatoes Fries Egg +$1Garlic Aioli +$0.25Jalapeños +$0.50Lettuce Onion Onion Strings +$0.25Pickle Produce Side 1000 Dress +$0.25Side BBQ +$0.25Side BBQ Ranch Dress +$0.25Side BC Dress +$0.25Side Mayo +$0.25Side Spicy Ranch Dress +$0.25Tomato
Breads:White Wheat Sourdough Rye Ciabatta Thick Sourdough Gluten Free Bread
Priced Add Ons:1/4 Avocado +$2Bacon (2) +$2Beyond Patty +$7Burger Patty (8oz) +$6Carnitas +$4Chicken Apple Sausage (1) +$2Chicken Breast (8oz) +$6Ham +$2Crab (4oz) +$10extra Egg (1) +$1.50Salmon +$10Sausage Patty (1) +$2Shrimp (4) +$6Ground Beef +$2Linguisa +$2Chorizo +$2Italian Sausage +$2Chopped Bacon +$2Fresh Crab +$15
Frenchie Mods:Chicken Ham Gruyere Cheese Dijon Mayo Ciabatta Bread