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House Faves - Breakfast

Polenta and Eggs


Egg Mod:Basted Over Easy Over Medium Over Hard Poached Poached Medium Poached Hard Scrambled Scrambled Hard No eggs Sunny Side Up Sub Egg Whites
Extras:Bell Peppers +$0.25Jalapeños +$0.25Mushrooms +$0.25Onions +$0.25Spinach +$0.25Tomatoes +$0.25Zucchini +$0.25Avocado +$2Grilled Onions +$0.25Pico de gallo +$0.25Olives +$0.25Spanish Sauce +$0.50Sour Cream +$0.25Salsa +$0.25Hollandaise Sause +$0.50Poblano Pepper +$0.25Pineapple +$0.25
Breakfast Mods:Avocado Beans Bell Pepper Butter Cheese Chocolate Gravy Egg Whites Grilled onions Hollandaise Sauce Jalapeños Maple Syrup Mushrooms Olives Onions Pico De Gallo Pineapple Poblano Pepper Powder Sugar Salsa Sausage Gravy Seasonal Berries Sliced Tomatoes Sour Cream Spanish Sauce Spinach Tomatoes Tortillas Zucchini
Priced Add Ons:1/4 Avocado +$2Bacon (2) +$2Beyond Patty +$7Burger Patty (8oz) +$6Carnitas +$4Chicken Apple Sausage (1) +$2Chicken Breast (8oz) +$6Ham +$2Crab (4oz) +$10extra Egg (1) +$1.50Salmon +$10Sausage Patty (1) +$2Shrimp (4) +$6Ground Beef +$2Linguisa +$2Chorizo +$2Italian Sausage +$2Chopped Bacon +$2Fresh Crab +$15
Meat Mods:Bacon Chicken Chicken Apple Sausage Chorizo Ham Linguisa Shrimp Crab Italian Sausage Sausage Patty Ground Beef Turkey Burger Patty Beyond Patty Corned Beef
Polenta Mods:Fried Polenta Marinara Provolone Cheese Italian Sausage Spinach Roasted Peppers Eggs