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The Griddle - Breakfast

Griddle Breakfast Combo


Egg Mod:Basted No Eggs Omelette Style Over Easy Over Hard Over Medium Over Well Poached Poached Hard Poached Medium Scrambled Scrambled Hard Scrambled Soft Sub Egg Whites Up No eggs Sub Hash browns No eggs sub Home potatoes
Meat Option:Bacon Chicken apple sausage link Sausage patty Linguica Ham No Meat No Meat Sub Hash browns No Meat Sub House Potatoes No Meat Sub Fruit No Meat Sub Veggies
Griddle Option:Pancakes (4) Berry Pancakes (4) +$3Chocolate chip Pancakes (4) +$2Lemon Ricotta Pancakes (4) +$3Fuji Apple Pancakes +$4Bacon Pancakes (4) +$3Multigrain pancakes (4) +$3Pumpking Pancakes +$3Cinnamon Roll pancakes +$3French Toast (3) Berry French Toast (3) +$3Cinnamon Roll French Toast +$4Waffle Berry Waffle +$3Chocolate Chip Waffle +$2Bacon Waffle +$2Churro Waffle +$1.50Banana Walnut Waffle +$3
Griddle Mods:Add Cheese To Eggs +$0.75Bananas +$0.50Berries +$1.50Blackberries Blue Berries Butter Chocolate Chips +$2Fuji Apples +$2Granola +$2Jam +$0.25Lemon Curd +$0.50Maple Syrup Powder Sugar Rasberries Roasted Apples Salted Caramel Strawberries Whip Cream +$0.50Sugar Free Syrup
Add Cheese:American +$1Yellow Cheddar +$1White Cheddar +$1Jack Cheese +$1Gruyere +$1Provolone +$1Feta Cheese +$1Goat Cheese +$1